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It’s normal to lose confidence when you lose your hair with chemotherapy, but there are always ways to make up for it. From turbans, caps and hats to wigs, there are chemotherapy caps throughout the market. Patients who have had hair loss due to chemotherapy or chemotherapy that is part of their cancer treatment wear a chemotherapy cap. Cancer is cruel because it is a disease of unknown cause. If you lose hope or feel very uncomfortable with yourself, your chances of success are low. Therefore, you need the best and most compatible hat. The cap makes the patient feel more comfortable and confident, which enhances their self-esteem and thus aids in the treatment process.

If you’re looking for a place to buy a chemotherapy caps, it’s not a bad idea to ask an oncologist or nurse about a chemotherapy cap. Most of them will know something about previous patients. Feel free to ask them which chemo caps are best for you as it will be of great help to your treatment. Once you have what you need, you can go online and check the website to see different types of headcovers and choose from different headcovers. It’s a good idea to test the item before you buy it. This is the only time you buy it when you are confident that what you choose is the item you want.

When buying a chemotherapy cap, be knowledgeable and don’t hesitate to ask what works best for you.

How does chemotherapy work, and how does it cause hair loss?

First, cancer cells are atypical cells that grow at an alarming rate. It can then form large masses or tumors that push or destroy surrounding tissues and organs. In some cases, cancer cells may move away from the original tumor and move to other organs, such as the liver and bones, where they may grow. The action of chemotherapeutic drugs is to kill or suppress rapidly growing cells. Cancer cells are rapidly growing cells that effectively stop growing and significantly shrink cancerous tumors when they need to be surgically removed.

Unfortunately, these drugs also suppress normal, fast-growing cells, such as bone marrow and other cells involved in blood production. The crypt cells, called the Lieberkühn crypt, constantly shed the old crypt and are also one of the fastest-growing cells.

Is there a way to stop hair loss during chemotherapy?

The new cold shell device is currently in clinical trials to prevent hair loss in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The chemo caps, which look like a cyclist’s helmet, are firmly attached to the patient’s head. The cold liquid is then pumped from the external cooler through the tube to the cap. This external device regulates and monitors the temperature of the fluid to approximately -5 degrees. This liquid constantly circulates from the cap to the machine to keep the scalp cool. This device is used only during chemotherapy and is removed after the session.

For people who are receiving chemotherapy and need a cap.  Headgear for chemotherapy patients is usually softer than non-chemotherapy patients because it is made for the more sensitive scalp. Human hair is often more expensive than synthetic because it is popular with most chemotherapy patients. Besides wigs, there are turbans, scarves, hats, sleeping caps, and more. Some people who have problems with wigs opt for turbans and bandanas. These items still comfortably cover your head and keep you on the lookout for trends. If you already have a wig, so you can wear a hat. And look back at it regardless of the season.

How do chemo caps work?

Theoretically, this device works by temporarily slowing the rate of cell metabolism in the scalp using cold stimuli. It significantly reduces the amount of chemotherapeutic agent absorbed by the cells, thus reducing the harmful effects of treatment on hair follicles. In addition, cold irritation causes vasoconstriction in the scalp area. This stenosis also reduces the amount of drug that reaches the hair follicles. Chemo cap is already in use in the UK. And have proven to be a safe and effective way to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.

You can buy chemo caps at at reasonable prices.

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