Summer hats for chemo patients

The warm rays of the sun lure us outside and promise fresh air and joie de vivre. Our Summer hats for chemo patients are light and chic. They temporarily replace the natural sun protection: most of the UV radiation, which is dangerous for chemically weakened skin, is kept away. Nevertheless, our hats are airy and comfortable and will still have their right to exist in the wardrobe even after the hairless time. Materials such as cotton, hemp, lace or microfibre ensure summery flair and are comfortable to wear.

The hats are chosen consciously so that they spread optimism through their color and cut and are attractive to every woman. Seen from the outside, they are not oncological headwear but elegant hats for summer or all seasons. The choice of materials and the concentration on wide brims as well as particularly skin-friendly linings make the gluecksmuetze hats (German: lucky hats) suitable companions for the hairless time.

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Depending on the design, the hats shield differently. Some are rigorously tight (for example chemo hat Isabelle and chemo hat Olivia) and prevent breeze, others are deliberately designed to be airy (e.g. chemo hat Tiffany and chemo hat Nicole) and are intended to prevent sweating on the scalp on the day at the sea. Choose the hat model according to your taste and requirements. We also have hats for you that you should always have with you.

Chemo hat Jessica, for example: Jessica works elegantly or as a crumple hat that you pull out of your pocket because the weather has become surprisingly shady or drafty. Chemo hat Jessica goes with every summer outfit, whether you are wearing a summer dress, shorts or just jeans. The wide brim protects the forehead and neck immediately. The chemo hats Jessica, Isabelle, Michelle and Olivia have also sewn a wire into the hat brim, with the help of which the shape of the brim can be optimally adjusted for the purpose: sun, wind or glare protection.

Stylish and comfortable

These chemo summer hats are a chic alternative to chemo caps or chemoturbans. Just wear them as they are or with a sleeping cap underneath. Chemo hats are also a stylish and comfortable alternative to scratchy wigs. A cool hat will help you manage the side effects of chemotherapy in an easy way. We have selected sensible and chic designs to protect your skin from sun and wind. A wide brim automatically protects your neck as well. Most hats come in a variety of colors to match your daily wardrobe.

In contrast to the hats for the whole year, the summer hats aim to be helpful in conflicting climatic requirements. Bright sun during the day, shady and warm in the evening with a light or strong breeze. You don’t want to catch a sunburn, but you don’t want to sweat either if possible. This can only be achieved with a good mix of materials and well-dosed ventilation, which depends on the hat and purpose. The experienced hat wearer always has a hat and a scarf in her handbag, of course, so that she can readjust the comfort when the conditions change.


Give your day that special something with your lucky hat from Glücksmütze!

Just try to vary a chemo hat with our chemo caps or turbans according to your wishes. A hat or turban will serve as a decorative accessory even if your hair has already grown back. For now or later, Glücksmütze offers a selection of casual and elegant, chic “cancer” headgear. Take a look around our shop from time to time and discover new unique chemo hats, scarves, turbans, caps, sleepyheads, headgear with or without lining. Uncomplicated, soft, comfortable, non-slip, bound, easy to wear!

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