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Chemo Hats For Women

Choose from our elegant cancer hats not only for women with hair loss! Chemo Hats and head coverings for summer or all season. All our hats provide full head and neck coverage and will suit you beyond the cancer time.

Elegant Chemo Hat Isabelle:

This design Isabelle creates an extravagant nostalgic feel. The wide brim can be worn folded up or down and  trimmed according to your preference.

Our chemo hat Jessica is designed for sun protection and provides you with a charming, casual look. In addition tot he superior neck protection, this product features a wider brim incorporating a wire core in the trim that allows bending the brim according to your taste. Jessica is a great all rounder of our head wear collection and has a very natural feel.

Kathrin is a chemo hat design known for its cheerful and casual look. The wider brim with 6,5 centimetres ensures a reliable protection against sun and wind. Kathrin supports natural looks. Combine it with summer dresses or casual jeans and T-shirt outfits including a light casual jacket.

Larissa radiates a casual and cool look. This great product design consists of soft and very cosy fabric which is offering you full sun protection. We chose to combine this design with a quite wide brim which is especially protecting your neck.

Chemo hat Michelle has a flappy and easy going style. Michelle focusses on providing a very high level of protection for sensitive skin of the neck and the scalp. from a broad variety of weather conditions.Some More Chemo Hats are Romantic  Hat Nicole ,Elegant Hat Olivia,  Hat Patricia, Hat Romy,  Hat Sophie,